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HipaaPro - Healthcare X12 Parsing API

Most of the healthcare oraganizations have built edi solutions using proprietary edi mapping tools that are hard to program, debug and maintain complex edi transactions. With legacy based solutions, most organizations spend valuble resources and finances maintaining the edi solutions.

To simplfy EDI programming, AgilePro has developed x12 parsing API using Microsoft.Net technology.

Advantages of using HippaPro.

  • Eliminates complexity of EDI transactions.
  • Ability to build edi solutions using VB.Net, and any .Net based progarmming language. This provides easy debugging and rapid edi development by enabling any .net programmer to become edi programmer.
  • Enables effective realtime and webservices programming.
  • Provides customers choice to use industry standard x12 validation tools from EDIFECS, Sybase ECGateway and CLAREDI.

Please contact our Sales for demonstration.

News Board

  • AgilePro Systems has developed highly efficient X12 EDI parsing technology that enable payers IT organizations to deploy low cost EDI solutions.
  • Please contact our Sales for demonstration.